Feeding the Dead


Porkbelly Press (2017): https://porkbellypress.com/poetry/feeding


“The pages of Feeding the Dead are chock-full of [monsters], and not the generic I-want-to-hurt-you kind. Her monsters are hungry. Vampires wanting blood, zombies wanting brains, and sweet hellhounds roaming dark neighborhoods in search of homes they haven’t known, food they haven’t killed. It is a remarkably consistent and approachable collection, the literary equivalent of Chiara Bautista’s art. Here, hunters pick out stars from the hides of wolves before they skin them, each día is of los muertos, and packs of adolescent hyena girls roam locker rooms in search of weaker peers to eat.” – Michael Young, Editor, Rust + Moth


“Gaffney’s satisfyingly small chap could be hidden in a bag or tucked in a notebook and pulled out when you need to enter a different world for a moment… Hunters, demons, and even culture-worn zombies become poignant in Gaffney’s poems.” – Michelle Castleberry, Poet



Sundress Publication’s The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed, April, 2018

Goodreads: Feeding the Dead