A Week of Good News!

Tomorrow I leave for the Southwest Popular/American Culture Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to present my paper “Bluebeard’s Robot Wives: Reexamining Patriarchy and Privacy in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina” as part of a panel on Bluebeard retellings along with Christine Butterworth-McDermott, James Clark, and Mary Elizabeth Perkins. So that’s very exciting! If you’re in town, stop by! I can promise a goodly sum of fairy tale badassery.

The above art is by the lovely Anna Dittmann: http://annadittmann.com/

ALSO, ALSO! My first poetry chapbook has found a home with Porkbelly Press! I am beyond thrilled over this publication. I deeply admire the work of Porkbelly and their journal, Sugared Water, and cannot wait to see my work in their hands. Thank you Nicci Mechler and Ashley Blake especially for your faith in my dearest monsters.

Check out their amazing press here: https://porkbellypress.wordpress.com/




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