Four Poems in Circle Show

Happy to have four of my poems in Circle Show, a literary magazine from Seven CirclePress. They are “After Watching The Babadook,” “New Year,” “Before the Worst,” and “How to Make a Monster.” Thank you Seth Jani and Taryn Hendrix for giving my creepy poetry a lovely home

Prose Poem in Thimble

Cover art by Taylor Teachout

Thrilled to have my prose poem “Stippled” published in the newest issue of Thimble Literary Magazine. Thanks to Nadia Arioli and staff for giving my weird ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) poem a beautiful home. If you’d like to listen to the video that inspired me, here’s ASMR Ascension and his Brush Salesman Role Play.

Two Poems in Capsule Stories

ECXeGMMW4AEUXyjI love what Capsule Books does and even more now that they have a literary journal, Capsule Stories! You can read more about their story here. I just received my copy of their Fall 2019 edition, Autumn Gloom, which features two of my horror poems, “She Waits Outside Your House” and “Lost in a Hell Dimension.” It’s a beautiful issue and just in time for the spooky season. I’m so ready to snuggle up with some apple cider and read.

Fiolet & Wing

My poem “Butterly Girl” (originally published by Glint) appears in this wonderful anthology of domestic fabulist poetry edited by Stacey Balkun and Catherine Moore: Fiolet & Wing.  Thrilled to be featured alongside such great writers as Erin Elizabeth Smith, Emily Rose Cole, and many more. You can pick up a copy here.