Poem in They Call Us Magazine

CW: assault, sexual assault

I am so honored to be part of this staggeringly beautiful issue of They Call Us Magazine! My poem “Sucker-punched” is in their summer theme, They Call Us Battered. Huge thanks to the TCU editors for putting together such a gorgeous magazine dedicated to inclusive feminism.

Four Poems from 2020-21

It’s been a harrowing few years (and continues to be), so it feels natural that I forgot to post about these publications. But I’d like to thank the following journals for giving my poems happy homes:

“The Devil’s Blueprints” in Lammergeier
“Nice” in Flora Fiction
“Break Room Gossip” & “In My Dreams I Find Them Dead” in Spoon Knife 5 – Liminal

Four Poems in Circle Show

Happy to have four of my poems in Circle Show, a literary magazine from Seven CirclePress. They are “After Watching The Babadook,” “New Year,” “Before the Worst,” and “How to Make a Monster.” Thank you Seth Jani and Taryn Hendrix for giving my creepy poetry a lovely home