Poem in Red Planet Magazine

83444387_10158042897842700_3408699059303612416_nThank you to Megan Bush for giving my poem a home at Red Planet Magazine, especially with this meaningful cover. “The Costumer” is another Dent Schoolhouse poem, this one based on the brilliant costume designer/ special effects master, Alex Burns.

Two Poems in Canthius

Very excited to see my poems, “The Warm-Up Girls” and “Urban Legend” in the beautiful pages of Canthius. Thank you to the editors for giving my horror a home.

Two Poems in Capsule Stories

ECXeGMMW4AEUXyjI love what Capsule Books does and even more now that they have a literary journal, Capsule Stories! You can read more about their story here. I just received my copy of their Fall 2019 edition, Autumn Gloom, which features two of my horror poems, “She Waits Outside Your House” and “Lost in a Hell Dimension.” It’s a beautiful issue and just in time for the spooky season. I’m so ready to snuggle up with some apple cider and read.

Fiolet & Wing

My poem “Butterly Girl” (originally published by Glint) appears in this wonderful anthology of domestic fabulist poetry edited by Stacey Balkun and Catherine Moore: Fiolet & Wing.  Thrilled to be featured alongside such great writers as Erin Elizabeth Smith, Emily Rose Cole, and many more. You can pick up a copy here.